Friday, 4 October 2013

Pop Pantheon!

Awhile back, Joanna DeVoe did a video on creating your own pop pantheon, and I thought it was brilliant, fun, and an amazing exploration into how you might deal with life. I had TONS of fun building mine! A good friend of mine back home in Canada often would shape who would be in our bar brawl team, or who we would pit in a celebrity death match style fight, so I had a good idea of who I hold in esteem, but building a pop pantheon would look at why I hold these figures in esteem, and consequently what kind of "deity" they represent to me. Consequently, I've discovered that I hold love and beauty in high regard and I have little to...actually, no men in my pantheon! I'm still not sure what the lack of men mean to my little pantheon!

So lets roll this out!

First, my Gaia figure, the mother goddess:

Yeah, Dolly Parton. She be my queen mother. I don't think "what would Jesus do" I think "what would Dolly do?" and more often than not, you can learn  that kindness is paramount, and mistakes are inevitable, so don't beat yourself up if you are having an off day, roll with the punches, and NEVER trust a woman named Jolene!

The Crone, the destructress/the creatrix:

Anyone who can let loose like this, has reached a point of creativity and manifestation that you cannot deny! Aside from the fact that she has reached the crone stage, you have to reach beyond polarity to just let go like Yoko Ono does.

The Trickster Goddess:
Britney Spears/Bald Britney
When she had her melt down in 2007, I really found myself opening up to her and her music like I never thought I would. For years this woman had been socially groomed and media groomed, then one day she had it, shaved her head and made the Blackout album. I challenge you not to appreciate that album on the deceivingly deep level that I think creation and manifestation made, it's sounds dumb, but its a hot mess, but a necessary one! I fully appreciate that Britney has her issues, but she in this moment got real and owned herself. We are all trying to be someone, but sometimes we need a melt down to come back to ourselves. And as the background on my laptop, and my life moto says: if Britney can get through 2007, I can get through this day. 

The Love Goddess:
Kylie Minogue, yeah, love, beauty, empowerment...she is my go-to for feeling beautiful and powerful. Often before any magic I perform, I listen to the song Aphrodite by Kylie, I also strut more when walking and listening to her, and the wind always seems to blow in my hair all sassy-like making me feel like it's me in charge of the wind.


Bjork. Um...yeah. I guess this is obvious. But it's also about craftsmanship, and not being off the wall for the sake of it, and also not being so contrived that there is you think "oh what now..." *cough*ladygaga*cough*. As much as possible I take on that lesson and openly invite critique, but also without loosing my own vision.

There are other figures of course within my pantheon, but these women I find eye opening and inspiring and all figures I listen to in my day to day life. There isn't a moment where one of them isn't on any of my play lists. Anyone else I add is pretty much another "deity" that fits into these catagories that are so important in my life. Ultimitely it's expressive, and it's about a journey that you just are more open to as the days pass.

Anyhow, it's been a long week, and I'm exhausted!

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