Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Magic and the "Real World"

I don't know if it's because I have a degree in political science or the myriad of classes that I took in university relating to religion and history...but a lot of my thoughts about magic and spell work have been revolving around that kind of political science idea. Which is super weird, because if you are in any way not of the big three monotheistic religions or beliefs, your fucking bat shit in political science terms, or at best an endearing eccentric whose probably really into women's studies and environmentalism (as if that's a bad thing...).

My first year Political Science 100 prof loved The Matrix. I've never seen The Matrix, but I know the blue pill/red pill reference, and I get it. He said (something to the effect of) studying politics or how the world works, is like taking the _____ pill (I don't know which of the pills do what, and I don't care, and no I won't watch the movie to find out), you can't go back. Which is true. I've never really taken to conventional education systems but they are good at forcing you to think, and giving you the basic frame work in which to think, if you're like me and you require a basic platform of the who's and what's. If that doesn't make sense, I'm kind of a wiz at putting together Ikea furniture. I just need to know how many of what I need and an allen key, and a picture of what the unit should resemble, and I've -literally- got it made. That's kind of how I am with learning. I like to know what I can use, who good references are, a bit of a chat, and boom, I can sort myself out.

So back to the blue/red pill analogy about making sense of the world we live in. When you look at the international politics, economy, local politics, the whole lot of the big picture in which our world works, you cannot look back, you cannot go back to the ignorance. Which, to be fair is true about anything, but the aforementioned topics are - to me - a fuck ton more baffling, sad, stupid and unfair.

I can get very easily lost in reading about various esoteric topics, because it is pretty blissful to read about, those are issues and concepts I can mess about with and have fun with because there are quite litterally, no limits. The 'real world' as I will call politics n' shit is not limitless. Correction, it is limitless in the fuckery it creates, in the injustices and the idiocy of burrocracy that it entails, in that it is limitless, but the limits it places on humans, on living beings: animals, nature, and humans it has a limitless construction of limits.

I can't really speak to any idea of a holographic reality or universe, because I've read next to nothing on it, and only really over heard discussions on that idea, and even then I'm somewhat doubtful about the information of the people that I was listening to about how the so-called holographic universe functions. I am a bit of a uni-snob despite not being totally academically minded myself. Like I said, this is my own bias on attaining information - and something I frequently check myself on - but if you're taking too much from one area ( the esoteric/new age info) you're not going to really understand what's going on presently. Presently, to me isn't just my present moment, because if you do read the news, however dubious it is, 'presently' extends beyond yourself, and you realize the totality of the idea of "everything is one". It doesn't freak me out, but it does put into perspective the hugeness of what being present can mean, and what being connected to the one can mean.

More of this ramble may come later...

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