Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Crystals n' Shit : 1

I'm kind of a slut when it comes to crystals, or an addict. I'm a slutty-addict for crystals AND minerals. Just so you know that it's not some kind of cutesy street name for crystal-meth. I'm definitely not keen on crystal-meth. I think Breaking Bad sort of glamorised meth habits...I mean yeah, TV and all.

I'm a crystal slut --------->

I don't think I've ever passed a shop that sells crystals and was like "yeah, I'll check this back later". Only when the store has been locked and the lights are off, but I'm still at the window for a good while figuring out a way that I could "accidentally" get into the store ( I have yet to find a way where I'm not in some kind of legal trouble). If I'm out shopping with boyfriend and he knows a crystal shop is on the agenda, he knows he'll be at a nearby pub for at least 2 hours. It makes it super easy for gifts too, as I'm a whore for more.

I used to work in a crystal and mineral store; it catered to a wider "new age" and Pagan customer base as well, but crystals were the thing. I wouldn't every say I'm a crystal expert, as the sciencey bit I'm more or less vague about, but the metaphysical aspect, I'm no novice. Basically, I know how to talk to people about crystals, I can easily help someone when it comes to starting out with crystals, what to look for, what to watch-out for, etc. I doubt I'd ever venture into the realm of crystal healing for others (quite frankly, I have no interest in healing others or coaching) I've played with the idea, but honestly, when it comes down to it - this sounds bad - but I just don't care. That said, I enjoy listening to others and what they have to say, and I don't mind, at all passing any info I've gathered to others who might be seeking.

I like making mandalas or grids with crystals, and I really enjoy reading about how others do them...that video of that kid who makes crystal grids was really awesome. It's really fun learning about how others weave crystal energies for healing or abundance or whatever. Especially kids, I'm not necessarily a kid person, but it's always valuable and kinda cute to hear what they have to say about these shiny pointy things. You want simplification talk to a kid.

<-------This is something like how my Saturday mornings start off like :3

When shopping, because mines and stuff are kind of far for me to get to, and I don't drive, I'm both open to going anywhere for crystals and a giant snob. Maybe it's because I worked for a crystal shop, that was in my opinion, and experience the (mutha-fuckin) best shop I've seen. There are a few on line retailers that have found room in my heart as well (shout out The Moon Spirit and The Sage Goddess!), but as for live beings- The Crystal Dawn, in my home and native land - is by far one of the best physical shops. The staff - especially when I was working there - were amazing. They still are! Since I've been to a few road side stands, out-door markets, and some horrid travesty shops, where every stone someone picked up was "the highest vibration". As soon as you tell me something is "the highest vibration" or "the most powerful" red flags jump up saying: buzz words!!! I'm not saying it's the crystals fault, but people who make money in the new age and pagan circuit...it's their fault. Granted, there are a lot of crystals with "exceedingly high vibrations" for a large majority of people, there are people out there (me, for one) who feel nothing. Where that crystal is a hunk of space debris or a chunk of fallen mountain side nothing. The high vibration bit, is - for me- part marketing ploy and part legit descriptor of what you can expect based on a small margin of other's experiences.

Like my last post, this is your journey, if you feel blown away by a readily available rose quartz and your heart chakra explodes that is real "high vibration" shit to me. That's what really counts how you connect. It so doesn't have to be a piece of Moldavite or Ajote in Quartz.  That said, knowing how you connect to crystals can take time. Sometimes you feel super on it, and you connect with a crystal like a volcano erupting, other times, it's a pretty rock in your hand. It can be discouraging especially when it was so good the time before!

It has taken me a really long time to suss out how I do things when compared to how a book or someone might explain how to feel crystal energy or whatever. I can help you pick a crystal, but I wouldn't venture into telling you how to work with it, that's your journey, and  there are tons of books on how to, also I'm just not a teacher. Actually, art school helped me do a lot of what I do now; I had a drawing teacher that said: "we're just teaching you a way of how to create an image, after you graduate, or now, I don't care, forget the rules, just do it your own way".