Monday, 14 July 2014

Spiritual / Meme's and Enlightenment Check Lists

Yesterday I was ready to do a post about my snobbery of crystal/new age/ Pagan shops, but after feeling like I'm being inundated with "how to tell if your an old soul/empath/indigo child/fire hydrant on my facebook/twitter/google+ etc, this is new new bee in my bonnet!

I'll be blunt: I fucking hate those things.

Like....I. Fucking. Hate. Those. Things. 

How I feel about those lists -------------->

Every time I read them - unless they are done tongue n' cheek - they are the equivalent of the colour egg-shell white, painted in new homes. Those lists apply to everyone at any point in their lives. They don't make you a special fucking flower - because we're all special fucking flowers

This is just me, but, I think lists and meme like that create more barriers than they do bring people together and reach for the collective oneness that we all are. When you make a list like that, that speak to most, if not all people at some point in their lives, you're putting labels and levels, like in video game that have no baring on someone else's path to enlightenment. Your path, and someone else's path are the same; but you don't get there in the same way. None of these lists or memes- allegedly illustrating character traits- indicate that these lists apply to everyone. There isn't one special crop of people this shit applies to, we're all going the way we're supposed to go, I don't need to know that someone else is going through the same thing as me. It is not some unique birthright allotted to you, and you alone, it's everyone's birthright. That "birthright" is the right and privilege to experience and express your life, the way you fucking want to. The list of character traits are - to me- utter crap. The amount of time these trite lists are shared on my facebook feed lead me to drink, and frankly make me just want to watch a whole shit load of reality TV to just disassociate from the whole New Age/Pagan/Spiritual community.

Spiritual expression is not a list of shit you can tick off to see how far you've come, spiritual expression and your spiritual journey, or just your life, regardless of spirituality, is not quantifiable like that, because you'll no doubt repeat patterns, go through periods of shadow and questioning why you even bother; you'll also go through periods and moods where everything is in alignment and everything feels or looks like tingly-glitter-kaleidoscope-fun-times. No list, and nobody can tell you where you are on your path. You'll for sure have guides and friendly faces along the way to give input, but they are just one voice, you are the soul doer and shaker of your reality. These fucking lists -to me- are dumb. They make me angry, and they make me think that your life's journey can be summed up in a neat little list of what needs to be done and if "you're there yet" -which, as I keep saying really pisses me off. It's patronising and it's bullshit. Do your thing, that's my wish for everyone. What that thing is, frankly, I don't care, but I wish you well.

I think the long and the short of it is, these memes and lists telling you where to find so-called enlightenment are hugely limiting. And maybe it's because I'm not particularly into motivating others, or into that community of "we're all one" and "self love", I just do or I don't. Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm not, but mostly, I just ride the wave and deal.

That's me, riding the wave...and dealing, (obviously I'm not Rhianna)--->

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