Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Friends Helping Friends Helping Friends

A while back one of my oldest friends fell and she didn't think she hurt herself that badly - turns out she did! She hurt herself really badly, and because of her then weight, the doctors didn't really think it was bad as it was...LONG story short, she's not been able to work in I think nearly 3 years, she couldn't get employment insurance because her former employment refused to acknowledge that her injury was the cause of her not being able to work. 

She's quite fortunate, in that she has a great boyfr...I mean husband (I've known my friend - Steph since we were 11 and 12, and her husband - still weird to say - since he we were 14 or 15; they were the friends that when they FINALLY got together everyone said "fucking finally!") ------------------------------------------------>

who can support most of their day - to - day things - sugar still wants to contribute. Unlike me, she likes having a job and not being a trophy wife (ugh the dream!) . Alas, the job market in Canada blows dangley goat balls, and she's been out of luck - even finding a job as a grocery cashier! I think if you've been out of consistent work for any length of time and just sort of floating, it can be really daunting, demoralizing, and depressing. I know all too well how she feels. 

What breaks my heart - which she didn't mention in her campaign is that on her wedding day, she was really doped up on pain medication for her back, and she didn't feel beautiful in her wedding dress (she did look beautiful, but if you don't feel it, what others say means jack shit). On her wedding day she was doped up on pain meds, but still felt the pain, and still felt like shit. ON HER DAY. OK...their day, but really no one looks at the groom. Sorry dudes, when you've seen one tux, you've seen them all. A good suit is a good suit, no denying that (Hello, Valentino...), but like that cheesey Moore's commercial said, everyone looks at the bride, but the bride will be looking at you ("you" being the groom they are marketing the add to...) Anyway, she's starting to gain mobility, which is amazing. She's been doing yoga classes where the instructor is very conscious of her limitations, and helps her move past them. If you read her go-fund me story, you'll see that she attends a donation based yoga class about twice a week. Ideally, because, she can now do a downward facing dog (YAY, considering 2 months ago she couldn't bend over to pick up something she dropped on the floor!) she'd like to be able to attend everyday - or any-time she wants to. 

Her manfriend/husband helps her as much as possible, but this is part of her journey and she wants to be an active FUNDING member of that journey. I think it's easy for me to be like "I'll do what I can to help" if you've read my other posts you'll know that sugar doesn't rake in the cash, like leaves from a tree, but, sometimes it really helps to be careless with your money. 

Anyway, she's decided to initiate a tidal wave of abundance with a Go-Fund Me campaign, you can find that info, and if you are so inclined to help a stranger, or a friend ( if I know you, and you mysteriously found my blog...) you can donate here: Help my friend, Steph

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