Thursday, 17 July 2014


This probably won't be a regular thing, as consistency has never been my strong point. But if this does happen again, it will be on a Friday.

5 Topics / 5 Things

Favourite Crystals (right now):
1. Moonstone
2. Tektite (Black, Golden, Moldavite)
3. Natural Quartz Points
4. Vivianite
5. Black Tourmaline

Favourite jams from the past week  (The music, not the spread): 






Things I've been thinking about this week: 

1. Tie-dye + socks
2. making alter art
3. Lack of clean laundry
4. Magick/Energy-work/Honduras 
5. Asking myself if I'm reading too many books at the same time?

What I'm going to do this weekend:

1. Go to the gym
2. eat a lot of spicy food
3. clean
4. Assume the guise of a laundry deity
5. Read/relax/chill/drink in moderation

Morning routine:

1. drink a full glass of water/make tea
2. acknowledge and feed my "alter"
3. meditate 
4. get cold to have a warm shower
5. dry hair/dress/turn heater off.

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