Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Good Soap

I may be cash-shy a lot of the time, but I usually make an effort to have or get nice things when I can. No polyester for this Queen; we're talking silks, linen, cotton, etc (OK, a poly-blend will grace my form, but typically I hold out for the good shit). The same applies to my bod; I'm also pretty conscious about what I buy too (i.e. attempt to be up on products that green-wash, use unsustainable palm oil etc)...

Anyway, this morning I noticed that my really nice body scrub/soap that my boyfriend bought for me is almost empty. I should stress that I haven't really used it, as it's so special and so pretty that I use it when I want to feel special.

Can I just take a moment to fully explain how luxurious this soap is? OK, so, its from Aesop - which, yes I know has unsustainable palm oil, so I shouldn't care THAT much, but I do, hypocrite, but whatever, I'm a vegan who still eats cheese. Anyway, it smells like geranium, has ground up quartz and apricot seeds to polish the skin - aside from the images of sad orangutans that sometimes flash in my head, this stuff is heaven (I'm really hoping, by now Aesop has switched to using sustainable palm oil). I've painted a pretty shitty picture of how nice this stuff is, but this is the world we live in. 

It's not like he doesn't have his own soap, or the "communal" everyday soap, which are both really nice to begin with, but he uses my $30 250ml scrubby-soap. I buy him Lush goddamnit to deter his handsome well shaped rear-end from using my expensive shit, that clearly he's purchased for himself. He hasn't gifted me shit, he's grifted me. 

His reason: "it's just the closest one, and I don't have time to decide what soap to use" 


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